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A selection of the services we can offer you

Solution Architecture

Our architects can act as solution architect for your projects. They create a design up-front, and supervise the project until successful completion. They will do this in an agile fashion: no "big design up-front", but enough to start your project, and have design decisions made whenever they are needed. In doing so, they maximize the use available information, and minimize any waste.

As a practice, we are multi-disciplinary. Together we cover a broad range of subjects. We take on assignments as a practice and decide which of our architects are a best fit to your project.

Training and Coaching

We can offer you a broad range of customized training in the area of IT architecture. One example is "Modern Software Architecture", indispensable to the agile architect, who needs to design scalable, reliable evolving systems in the cloud, accelerating your digital business.

We can also set up your in-house architecture practice and double as lead architects on projects, while training your team members on the job.

API Strategy and Design

We can help you create a vision and strategy on public API's, as new business opportunity or creating a new channel. Next, we apply our knowledge and experience to set up your internal team, and coach it into a high performance delivery team.

What is practical IT architecture?

  • Means to an end...

    Practical architecture is about designing a means to an end. The means is an IT solution, the end is the business goal of our client.

  • ...what is IT architecture?

    IT architecture is much more than drafting a "good" technical solution. IT architecture takes the whole organizational context into account when drafting a design that meets the goals of the client.

  • ...in a digital world

    IT architecture is about working closely with the client to discover what modern technology can do for you as an entrepreneur, and how your business will look like in a digital world.

  • As a whole

    IT architecture considers all aspects that are relevant to designing a good solution, be it commercial, commercial or otherwise. Therefore, an architect can lead a multi-disciplinary team.

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